Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

How to Fix Printer Not Activated Error Code 20 ?

Question How Do I fix quickbooks printer not activated error code 20? How will to the fix quickbooks printer is activated is very importent error code 20.
have a look error message

Printer Not Activated Error Code 20
Printer Not Activated Error Code 20

Answer I am a student using sage 50 and I can’t save a pdf file. When I try to save it I get a printer not activated error code-30. It also says sage 50 email writer v2 on.

Answer It has worked fine until now. My computer upgraded a couple of days ago so I’m not sure if that might havthat caused it or not.

Answer I have Peachtree Accounting 2011 and just had a Windows 10 update. Now, the email function no longer works.Printer not activated error code -20

Answer Hello
I have error
printer not activated error code 30 windows 10

Answer Quickbooks Simple Start 2010 Plus Pack. How do I setup to email invoice to client ,is this quickbooks or someone else?,any assistance would be apreciated ,im getting Printer not activated, error code-20 QuickBooks

Answer I update drivers printer not activated—he disconnected and said directors might upgrade next year,-trying to update to 2018 but system wont allow. Keep getting message to check for updates, but says no updates available

Answer i can’t email documents on my quickbooks, it shows error-20 printer not activated

Answer i am trying to email documents on quickbooks and an error ” printer not activated, error code 20 ‘ shows up

Answer just got a new computer. running windows 10 with QB pro 2016
it wont print or do pdf. I understand there is a repair tool but I cant find where to download it from ,upon initial run of the new install of qb 2016 it gave me a msg
but I had to restart computer and the link went away with the msg
yes I do get a code. hang on error code -20 printer not activated. get that when I try to print

✅ Best Answer : Depends upon which software you are using, there are different version of solutions, either in your QuickBooks, SAGE software default printer is not set or your printer driver outdated. Either you update your Printer driver or check which is the default printer in your software. Also check if you are using a network printer than user [You] have sufficient permission to access the folder /location where the printer is installed. More help QuickBooks Support Phone Number to resolve Printer Not Activated Error Code 20 , you have to dial toll free number

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    Hi i’m trying to create excel worksheet in my customer zone but the options is greyed out , i have Office 2013 installed and Quickbooks 2016 Pro

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