QuickBooks Crash Com Error

Crash Com Error QuickBooks

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Crash Com Error usually encountered by QuickBooks Desktop user if major updates launched by Microsoft , User often facing this issue while sending Email , Invoices , Paystubs,transactions, or reports . Although Outlook is major MS tool which is used by QB user . but in many cases QB user using Excel , Office tools or Web connector also having Com Crash Problem .

For the Outlook user MS published Com Crash Error on Outlook to Monthly Channel Version 1805 (Build 9330.2087)
Just go to File > Office Account > Update Options > Update to update Outlook latest edition

Crash Com Error When Working In QuickBooks

Besides that user have to follow some steps below
1] Update Outlook to Latest Version
2] Set Outlook as Default mail APP
3 ] Must Add Email account in Microsoft Outlook
4] User have to Toggle Email settings
5] Create a New Email Profile in Outlook
6] Run Windows Update to Repair Office
7] Run Windows Compatibility for QuickBooks
8] Make the QB user as Windows Admin

Although above mentioned solutions is for regular QB user , If user getting COM Crash Error during QuickBooks Installation , Update , Ugrade , Migration then go to
Technical Support For QuickBooks Intuit QB Customer Support , or you can dial Toll Free number get help for fix COM Crash Error


QuickBooks 2016 Crash Com Error

I keep getting the com error crash message , Using Premier Accounting 2018 ,Contract with Pro Advisor? ,


QuickBooks 2017 Crash Com Error

my boss recently purchased Quickbooks pro accounting software and during the install an Com error comes up
and will not allow us to continue


QuickBooks Com Error Crash When Sending Email

I’m getting a com error & issues with script error I am using QB enterprise 2017 edition with 2 user


QuickBooks Crash Catcher Error

Hi, I keep getting the red error code box called “com error” while in QuickBooks and I have to shut down quickbooks and re-enter about 10 times a day. What is causing this and how do I get it removed or stopped? Any help would be appreciated.


QuickBooks Crash Com Error 2018

I keep getting a Com Error when trying to email invoices in QB. It started a month ago, so I updated to QB 2018, was able to email a few invoices but now it crashes every time. I don’t know much about computers, so if you have a simple solution, I may be able to do it.


QuickBooks Crash Com Error Windows 10

After an uninstall of QB 2018 and re-install, I am still getting a comcrash error and then QB closes. HELP!


QuickBooks Crash Com Error Windows 7

Com Error ,had 2016 Pro and had same issues. Thought if I downloaded 2018 Pro Plus it would eliminate issues. Obviously not. Lets me open, but when I do invoice it shows this error and shuts down ,I have repaired, I have changed to run as admin, I have checked it as windows 7 compatability ,


QuickBooks Desktop Pro Crash Com Error

I”m getting a com error that crashes Quickbooks when i try to use the email feature, QuickBooks Premier 16.0 ,I think there are about 4 total users, but on that desktop there is only the one ,if it makes a difference, the emails are still being sent despite the software crash ,I am just trying to confirm with the user in question that the workstation is available right now.


QuickBooks Enterprise Crash Com Error

Today I have been receiving a .com error code (surrounded by a box) and when I click ok, it shuts down quickbooks.
it is when I am sending an email through the quickbooks system ,have Intuit Enterprise Soultions Pro 18.0 with 11 user,others began having this issue yesterday. It is very annoying ,2 others are having this issue that I know of ,3 total, so far, mine just started today. I shut down and rebooted my whole system


QuickBooks Error Crash Com Error

I need help,users are getting com error and QB is shutting down also user is getting errorCode: 479658335 in the event viewer, using Premier Contractor Edition 2017 ver 27.0.4010.0 ,they are unable to work at this time becase the application keeps crashing


QuickBooks Keeps Crashing Com Error

Having issues emailing. Will send one email (i.e. invoice) and then go to send a second and a “COMM ERROR” pops up.
Exit QB, enter back in, can send 1 email and then same thing. using Premier Mfg & Wholesale ,


QB Premier 2013 crashes every few minutes. I chatted with someone a minute ago, but I couldn’t remember the error message. It crashed again and a square popped up with “Crash” at the top, a red circle with an “X” in it and it said “Com Error” ,have 1 User on Windows 10


my web connector will not connect
Im trying to update new customers into a software program I use for payroll called T-Sheets ill copy and paste what it tells me in the “view log” button after it stops and tells me error
Connecting to QuickBooks…
20180213.15:38:34 UTC : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.handleAllOtherError() : QBWC1013: Error connecting to QuickBooks. Returning error message to application.
A QuickBooks company data file is already open and it is different from the one requested or there are multiple company files open.
20180213.15:38:34 UTC : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_connectionError() : *** Calling connectionError() with following parameters:
20180213.15:38:35 UTC : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.do_connectionError() : Received from connectionError() following parameters: 20180213.15:38:35 UTC : QBWebConnector.SOAPWebService.OpenConnection() : Error connecting to QuickBooks. Application sent back DONE. Job ending.
20180213.15:38:35 UTC : QBWebConnector.RegistryManager.setUpdateLock() : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Intuit\QBWebConnector\UpdateLock has been set to False
20180213.15:38:35 UTC : QBWebConnector.RegistryManager.setUpdateLock() : ********************* Update session unlocked *********************
20180213.15:38:35 UTC : QBWebConnector.WebServiceManager.DoUpdateSelected() : Update completed with errors. See log (QWClog.txt) for details.
I closed QB’s and then reopened it made sure no QB’s files were open. I am using desktop premier edition 2017


Com Error Crash QuickBooks Email

Hello, I’m working on a PC that is unable to export to excel from quickbooks right now, its generating event viewer logs showing “Office Integration Error: GetExcelApplication Com Error#: 80029c4a” quickbooks and office 2013 have both been reinstall, any ideas? Using Quickbooks 2015 Premier non profit, 2 user licence ,only 1 user is facing this issue, this works fine on another PC with the same quickbooks version, both accessing the same company file

Question ,

Hi? I keep getting the com error , i keep getting crash com error, using quickbooks enterprise 17


When we were making an invoice, twice in 2 days, we have gotten a “Com Error” and then QB shuts down. I’ve not found anything regarding this online.


any suggestions on the error that keeps coming up Com Error ,Using QuickBooks 2017 desktop ,there is never a code, just a box that come up that says COM Error then it closes out the QB Or its freezing up on us,
and we have to task mgr it


Well I was going to get the update that prompts when I open quickbooks for the may 31 2018.I had a IT guy come in and the patch won’t take it keeps coming back an error occurred. He done everything he could think off and now he guy to research it. If I am usually IE 11 and Net frame is up to date 4.6.3 why won’t quicksbook accept the patch. using Quickbooks Pro 2018 ,I can’t do the download if it takes a long time because I am in the office alone today and very busy, I just thought it was going to be an easy download BUT it’s not. Wish it wouldn’t keep changing, causing problems. I have two computers but they aren’t linked together one is a back up one that I have in case my main one crashes.so if can call maybe this evening is that ok? Do I ask for anyone is particular.Or just come back to this chat site.

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