QuickBooks Error 15102

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102

15102 Error has been occurring while I am trying to update my payroll from the Intuit Maintenance Release Server, this not first time I am updating my payroll, Whenever new updates comes I update my payroll. But this time I am getting Error code 15102 help me to fix the bug

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For solving the 15102 error code user must have in depth knowledge about Windows OS and Payroll software, a single mistake may damage the payroll data that’s why it’s necessary you have to call QuickBooks Payroll Support Number To get help from technicians . Call now to fix 15102 Error code.

When & Why QuickBooks Payroll Update Error Code 15102 Comes

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102 Troubleshooting
QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102 Troubleshooting

QuickBooks users might come across Error code: 15102 during two instances:

  • When downloading the payroll or
  • When QuickBooks Desktop is being updated

The error message on the screen will read – Error Code: 15102 – Failed to Reset Update

What causes the Error code 15102 to appear?

Error code 15102 on QuickBooks software can be caused due to many reasons, such as:

  • While the shared download is on, the download location specified is invalid or inaccessible
  • QuickBooks software is running in multiuser mode, and also in a terminal services environment
  • For Windows Vista users, you have not logged in as ‘Windows Administrator’ for downloading or running the application when updating the software

Possible Resolutions & Fixes For Error 15102 Intuit QB?

If you have the latest and active payroll subscription, you can try the following resolutions to check if you can fix the issue. If you are not entirely confident about the operation, call our QuickBooks experts to resolve the issue with their help.
Solution – 1
If you are trying to update in multi-user mode, switch to the single user mode and try to update.
Solution – 2
o check the mapped file location:

  • Click on ‘CTRL+1’. A product information window will be displayed. Check the mapped file path and note it down
  • From OPTIONS, verify the DOWNLOAD LOCATION. If Shared download is set as ‘YES’, the drive shown in download location should be same drive as that on product window.
  • If the shared download is set to NO, the directory to the download location should be same as QUICKBOOKS INSTALLATION DIRECTORY
  • For LOCATION incorrect, make the following changes:
  • For ‘YES’ on shared download, change it to NO for shared download and SAVE
  • For ‘NO’ on shared download, change it to ‘YES’ for shared download and SAVE
  • Now ‘CLOSE’ the tab and try downloading the updates again.

Solution- 3

  • In case the download location is correct, you can REMAP the drive to a NEW LETTER.
  • To begin, CLOSE the company file in QuickBooks, and REMAP network drive to a new letter
  • Now, using the new mapped drive letter, open the COMPANY FILE again, and click ‘HELP
  • Here, click on OPTIONS and switch ‘OFF’ and ‘ON’ the SHARED DOWNLOAD
  • Check if the download location is in the new mapped drive. SAVE the file.

The above resolutions should resolve the error 15102. However, if it is not resolved and the problem persists, call our QuickBooks® Support Number for assistance and support on this issue. The helpline is available 24/7 for assistance on all issues pertaining to QuickBooks software. Call on


I am having a 15102 error when installing QB on a new computer, Using QB Pro 2017 , I will not let me register, It says I have a newer version on my old computer, I try to update it and this is the error I get,I need to fix it. I am figuring it out online, but I’m not really getting anywhere


QuickBooks Maintenance Release Error 15102

I have error code of 15102 under maintenance releases says another one is running. How do I fix. Should I just leave computer on and it will eventually clear. I just did download of program. Using quickbooks pro 2018 ,1 users do I have,


I’m receiving Error 15102 for Maintenance and Error 404 for Services, and my QB desktop will not seem to update to Release R6P, which the other desktops are running. I am Using Enterprise 2018 (with Advanced Inventory) , We have an 8 user license ,only this 1 machine, everyone else upgraded to R6P with no problem


yes im getting error 15102 ,and not sure how to fix it ,can you assist me? this happens when i try to do maintenance upgrade ,but all other updates work
im on 17 r5p ,need to be on 17 r9p,


I am unable to download the payroll updates, and also the quickbooks payroll is not deducting taxes I am getting QuickBooks Error code 15102 , Using desktop pro 2017 ,


I recently updated my Qucikbooks onto a new computer since our old one crashed. I am now trying to cut payroll now and it is saying I need to preform an update. The update will not finish and I get error 15102

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    I upgraded to version 2018 but I am now unable to open any old QBW or QBB files. What the heck happened?

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