QuickBooks Error 15212

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15212

While updating Payroll, I was stopped after downloading error 15212 occurred and QB says update won’t Install, Its very urgent because I have to run my payroll & should Have to pay taxes. Is it there any specific reason behind QB Payroll Error Code 15212?

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For solving the 15212 error code user should have proper understanding of Windows or MAC OS as well they aware about Internet protocol issue, another to avoid any data loss during update get help from experts to call QuickBooks Payroll Contact Number To get help from technicians . Call now to fix 15212 Error code.

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error Code 15212 Reason

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15212 Troubleshooting
QuickBooks Payroll Error 15212 Troubleshooting

When downloading QuickBooks payroll or updating a program in the software, the users might face error codes such as 15212. Although the error is not a common occurance, there are instances when one might encounter this error due to reasons discussed below. For such cases, since one cannot proceed with the update nor do anything further, resolving it immediately is the only available option.


An error message, such as the Error 15212 appears with the following specifications or notification on the screen:

  • ‘Error 15212: QuickBooks update not completed Successfully’
  • ‘Payroll update did not complete successfully – location of shared download is inaccessible’ or

The reasons for this error code might be due to any one of the following:

  • The download location shared for update is mapped to a currently unavailable drive
  • The data file is opened from a non-mapped location, when the shared download is set at ‘switched-off’ option
  • The remote download location or the hard disk does not have enough disk space

How To Fix Intuit QB Payroll 15212 Error

In such cases, while calling the QuickBooks technical support team might help Call now , the problem can also be fixed at the users end through a series of troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting steps for Error 15212:

The error code 15212 can be resolved by remapping the data files to the network drives and restarting the computer. To begin:

  • Restart the computer, and start ‘mapping data files to network drives’
  • Network drives can be remapped through: FILE EXPLORER< START <THIS PC<COMPUTER< MAP NETWORK DRIVE
  • When asked to pick a File, you can select the ‘DATA FILE’ in use for updating the payroll and do the needful.
  • Now, once remapping is done, restart the computer again to check if the error is rectified.

If you are still getting the error or you are not able to map the files, call for assistance on the reconcile books help desk numbers.

Alternatively, try the below resolutions to check if the error can be rectified at your end.

  • Check if the latest updates of QuickBooks are done on the system.
  • To verify: click Help< Update QuickBooks
  • Select ‘OPTIONS’ and click ‘NO’ for Shared download.
  • SAVE and CLOSE to continue updating the software.
  • If the error persists, call the tech support numbers for assistance.

Despite updating the QuickBooks and remapping the data files to network drive, if the error message appears again, try to update payroll in Safe mode. You can also get expert help from the QuickBooks® Support team. Call the toll-free numbers to get assistance and guidance to resolve error 15212! Call on .


how can we fix this error 15212? ,QB Pro 2018 , 1 User Licence I have


Payroll updates are failing – Error 15212
Citrix environment
I’ve updated QB on the server
I am using Premier – Accountant Edition 2017
I think he’s running the update from a client file. Is that different from the update which is ran from Help? Update Quickbooks but uncheck shared downloads
That worked.


I received Error 15212 when I tried to do the payroll update this morning. I have tried to correct it by going to Help-Options-Shared Download checked No but that was already checked. Any ideas? I am using QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2017 ,Payroll version 12211057


I am receiving error 15212 when trying to run payroll updates. How do I fix this error?


I keep getting Error 15212 and can’t get my payroll updates. The error indicates that the location specified for the shared download is inaccessible. 2017 Premier. We just switched to it


I am getting an error message when I try to do payroll and the update wont update for payroll , I am using pro
2016 ,it says the payroll is updating ,
and then once that window closes it gives the error message


I am getting QB Payroll Error 15212 while updating my QuickBooks Payroll , the warning message comes on my screen “The payroll update did not complete successfully. The location for the shared download is not accessible.”


I did not apply my windows update last 2 months, it’s very pathetic and takes too much time, Today my Payroll asking for an update when I am going to update before the update it shows me download of update successfully, but before the deadline you have to get Windows update, Error Code 15212, is it for Payroll update or I have to update my Windows as well


error 12159 . following the update error 15212 “The QuickBooks update did not complete successfully.” what is that

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