QuickBooks Error 15240

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15240

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Updates are a crucial aspect of running QuickBooks software. Since the users can experience far better error management systems and also get added features, updating software whenever one appears is mandatory for its smooth running.
There are times, however, when the users might come across errors when updating the payroll system in the software or the software itself. Errors such as code: 15240 can stop the updating without any reasons.

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 15240
Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 15240

For more resolutions and other fixing 15240, dial up the QuickBooks toll free QuickBooks support number to connect with the payroll experts, no charge to call on telephone no even user can get direct help for payroll update download & install .

What does Error code 15240 signify?

Error messages can sometimes be scary and frustrating! QuickBooks Error 15240 signifies that the update could not be completed due to some unforeseen reasons!
Some of the reasons include:

  1. The windows registry is defiled from the current QuickBooks programming change
  2. The download of QuickBooks programing is degenerate or has fragmented establishment
  3. Any other malware or virus attacks that has attached the Windows framework records or the QuickBooks documentation
  4. QuickBooks records have been erroneously erased by some other program

Any of the above reasons could affect the download and cause Error 15240 to appear on the screen.

How to resolve Error code 15240?

Error code 15240 can be resolved through a series of trouble-shooting steps. However, if a perfect reason for the error is identified prior to setting up the system for resolutions, it will help in immediate fixing of error without wasting precious moments on identifying the cause.

If you are in a rush to complete a tax and want the payroll to be updated, call the reconcile books tech team for assistance. Otherwise, try the below resolutions to check if it can be resolved from your end.

Resolution – I

  1. To begin with, close the QuickBooks software and on the search window, keyin C:\Program files\64-bit users:c:\Program Files (x86)
  2. Now, when you locate the Intuit folder, right-click on it to select ‘PROPERTIES’
  4. Check if the owner of the current folder is in USER group. Otherwise, take over the ownership before downloading updates
  5. Check if the error is fixed

Resolution – II

  1. From ‘TOOLS’ tab, click on ‘INTERNET OPTIONS < ADVANCED
  2. Check and select USE SSL2.0 and SSL 3.0
  3. Once done, click on ‘APPLY’ and ‘OK’ to save changes

The above resolutions should help resolve the issue. However, in case the error persists, check both the third-party firewalls and interference of any other programs to identify if they are causing the error 15240.

If you are not able to identify the cause, call the experts to rectify the issue. The 1-800-446-8848 help desk numbers are operational 24/7 for assistance regarding QuickBooks and its related products. Call QuickBooks® Payroll Support for assistance to handle the issue with expertise on .


trying to fix error 15240 , I am using PRO 2016,


GETTING ERROR 15240 , Using QB Premier 2017


I keep getting the error 15240 , I am using Pro 2013 , 2 Users I have , both user facing 15240 error code


im lloking for the error 15240 , Using 2015


I am trying one of the solutions listed on the page right now. I will let you know if it doesnt work ,yes, I am getting error 15240 when I attempt a payroll update


I am getting an error 15240 when trying to update payroll, and no taxes are being taken out of paychecks. Using 2017 pro,


I tried to do payroll this week and it did not take out taxes on the checks. I tried to run updates that it says I have but the error code 15240 comes up and will not do updates. What should I try to do?? Using QuickBooks Enterprise 2015


Hello, didn’t know you worked this late ,I am moving my QB file back over to my original computer. Didn’t do something right as I keep getting error messages. But if I keep clicking through them it keeps going – however when I went to update payroll I get the message 15240 ,between microsoft and qb I have spent nearly 3 weeks on the phone trying to get my computers to work, ugh using QB accountant 2017 ,


have the error 15240 , using QB Pro 2016


I have a client that we installed Quickbooks 2017 on a new computer with Windows 10. He is getting a 15240 error when he tried to download the payroll updates. I have scheduled to go on-site for that and other things next Thursday. Any ideas on what I should check world be helpful.


error 15240.,using Quickbooks Pro 2015 ,we are getting so disgusted with Quickbooks… Every time we get an update it messes up the qb. We just ran payroll and it did not take out any taxes… ie. probable reason is the update did not install correctly..


I have tried the past 3 days to update my payroll, but I get the message “the file exists”. I have error message 15240 for Essentials, new features & pro/
Also I have error message 12002 for service messages and error 12031 for service profiles. I wsa wondering how to fix them


trying to update and got error #15240 on several of the files ,not on payroll, just regular qb premier desktop


I have install pending on critical fises in QB 2017 and it will not install no matter haow many times I open and close QB. I also have erro 15240 on other lines


After downloading maintenance releases shows error #15240 When I am try update QuickBooks


I am unable to fill my payroll form , I am totally helpless , nothing happen , QB not allowing me move forward even back button also not works for me , What Should I do, Even I had restart my system many time .The warning message appears on the screen “The file you specified cannot be opened. Make sure that it is not currently being used by another program or a read-only file.” and type of Window Error “The file exists” . I am unable to process payroll

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