QuickBooks Error 3371

How To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 3371 ?

✅ Best Answer : Hi All QuickBooks Error code 3371 basically comes during QB Installations, reinstalltion, update &
Upgrade when QB unable to verify the license data, doesn’t mean license not valid or user have to buy new licenses,
There are multiple reason behind,

What is QuickBooks Error 3371, Status Code-11118?

Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 3371
Troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 3371

In this scenario QuickBooks couldn’t load the license data properly. This error mainly instigated by a missing or damaged file.
Symptoms: Incapable to open company file in QuickBooks and fixing the installation become fail and consistently receive a secretive html file.
QuickBooks error 11118, mainly caused by damaged component or file which is crucial to run QuickBooks series. Even, there are few more reasons, such as:
● Wheneverwe use QuickBooks desktop, the license information requires to be repossessed and authenticated. This process is mainly handled by QBregistration.dat (installation file), if this file is missing or damaged, QuickBooks will not open.
● QuickBooks desktop require support of MSXML (a Microsoft component) to run. This element assists QuickBooks recover the data in the Qbregistration.dat file consenting QB to open. If this file got damaged, you can’t open files.
● Using outmoded window operating system and anti-virus programs who secluded QuickBooks filesalso create such errors.
● If you are opening certain file without saving it first, then also you may encounter such error issue. So, always save before bring QBO file.

Solution Of QuickBooks Error Code 3371

First of all, update your window. For this you need to follow certain steps:
● You just need to click on the Window sign and choose all program.
● After that, click on window update button.
● Once window will update, you can install QuickBooks.
Still facing the same error problem then follow these steps:
● Delete the entitlement file and enter valid license number and product details once again. It will solve the error issue.
● Via installing QuickBooks Diagnostic tool can easily fix issues related to Microsoft .NET framework, MSXML and C++.
● When simple reinstall doesn’t work, you need to uninstall QuickBooks desktop and rename files and install the program once again.
If you are not able to resolve Error 3371, then you can get in touch with us. To give us a call use our Call QuickBooks Support Number for further information to resolve 3371 Error , you have to dial toll free number

Question : QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118 This Is Error On My QuickBooks ,i Installed Desktop Premier 2018 ,its On Just One Pc But I Have 2 User Licence
Error Message 3371 gives below

QuickBooks ERROR 3371 STATUS CODE 11118
QuickBooks ERROR 3371 STATUS CODE 11118

Answer : After PC upgrade, cannot access QuickBooks 2010 – gives Error 3371, status code 11118. How much to guatantee solution? , Using Pro

Answer : error 3371, status code -1 what is this? , I am using 2018 -Quickbooks Pro 2018 ,we used to have 1 user and we purchased as multi user last week and there are 3 users

Answer :

QuickBooks License Error 3371

Im trying to resolve an issue with quickbooks pro 2015, after cloning the HDD im getting error 3371, status 11118 saying the license data might be missing or damaged. I’ve reinstalled the program twice but am still getting the same problem , having single user, Did you need the email associated with the account?

Answer : I am getting Error 3371 when trying to Open Quickbooks Enterprise. Do I have to reinstall it?

Answer : Hi; I just installed a new hard drive in my computer,
I cloned the old one using Acronis True Image. Now when I open QuickBooks I get
QuickBooks error 3371, status code -11118. How do i fix?

Answer : yes i need help, i’m getting Error 3371 , Using QB Enterprise 15 , 3 users I have,just the admin user facing this errors

Answer :

QuickBooks Could Not Load The License Data

Yes, just cloned the drive on a workstation and now it is not opening the quickbooks on this station ,giving me an error code of 3371, QB version that I am enterprise 2017 using

Answer : I replaced my hard drive and now my 2012 quick books wont work. Error 3371 SC 11118. Tried to run install disk to repair but it is 32 bit and wont load

Answer : cant seem to open my quickbooks. gives error code 3371 status code-11118 , Quickbooks desktop 2010 my Version

Answer :

Quickbooks Error 3371 Status Code 1

trying to fix my quickbook pro 2016, I get error 3371, code 11118, I can’t find the folder for entitlementfile ?? see if I can removed it or delete it

Answer : Had to do a reinstall because of a 3371 status 1 error

Answer :error 3371 , QB Premier 2018 edition ,since this am I’ve reinstalled 4 times, I am main user

Answer :

QuickBooks Error 3371 Status Code 1118

quickbooks will not open. I get error code 3371. it appears the download is missing the licence files. how do i fix this? it shows the 2016 version but it does the same thing. 1 right now. we need to have a second added.

Answer : I have spent 2-1/2 hours with quickbooks support to resolve error code 3371. I cannot open any of my quickbooks programs. This happened after a quickbooks update yesterday ,2010 through 2018

Answer : I am trying to open quickbooks and it is giving me error code 3371 ,I tried to reinstall the program to see if that helped but still get the error,2017 desktop pro/premier I had previously installed this on my computer as I had to get a new computer.

Answer :

QuickBooks Error 3371 Could Not Initialize License Properties

I have the error: Error 3371,StatusCode-1 and more.

Answer :i have been trying everything to fix the 3371 error status code 1 it says to reinstal quickbooks,quickbooks pr0 2016
i did the download upgrade

Answer : getting error 3371 Small business accounting Pro 2016 , I have a new computer.

Answer : I had to replace my hard dic. I was able to mirror th eold one and copy to the new dic but QuickBooks will not open. I get 3371,status code 11118 ,accounting 2009. I have the dic but my computer will not load it

Answer : We upgraded our computer system, my QB files were saved but the QB program itself will not open, i tried to download it again with my license and product code but received error code 3371. The IT team is gone, need help, using QB 2016

Answer : got error 3371 after cloning my quickbooks onto a new laptop ,I tried most of the solutions online last night and I am not going anywhere. I still see the error,i bought it in 2112 so i guess 2012 version.it’s still good, I only use it for invoicing once in a while.i left my new laptop at home and won’t be home in 4 hours.
can you email it to me?

PRO 2012

Answer : error 3371 could not load license dat,just need to add down stairs printer to quick books for tim ,let me see
qb pro 2015

Answer :when i try to open it, i get error 3371 ,its quickbooks pro 2006. worked fine on desktop, justbought a dell laptop specifically for using quickbooks for our business. now cant get it to open

Answer : I can not get it to open. Gives me an error code 3371 , enterprise solutions 14.0 ,started this morning ,I have the reinstall pack.

Answer : Quickbook could not load the license data. [Error 3371, status Code-1] ,Quickbook Premier -Professional , Edition 2012

Answer : We are having a problem. We need to reinstall Windows, but in the meantime, really need our QB to work. We are getting an error code 3371. Status code 1, couldn’t load license data. When we try to open, it tries to install.I believe it is either Pro2010 or Pro2013, we have one of each in the office.Anything I can try and access for you to give you a better answer?That’s fine, we really need our QB to complete something ASAP.

Answer :I have re-downloaded my quickbooks after I had my computer worked on. Now I am coming up with an error code of 3371, status code 11118. It says that QB could not load the license data. This may be caused by missing or damaged files. can you help me out. QuickBooks Pro 2018 using right now,1 users I have

Answer : Hello, I am trying to set up my Capital One Credit Card with bankfeeds in QB Desktop. I have followed the steps in bankfeeds all the way thru downloading the transactions. I downloaded the transactions and saved the file to my desktop. However, when I click on the file, I get error 3371 StatusCode -1,QuickBooks Premier – Contractor Edition 2017 using right now ,2 users I have

Answer : I was replacing a HD with a SSD. I got error code 3371 and status code 11118. I tried using the various advise in the community but could not get QB2016 working. I uninstalled and re installed still I got the same error messages. I purchased QB2018 loaded it with the new license and product and still got the error codes. now what can I try?

Answer : I just cloned my hard drive to a SSD,and I’m getting an error when tryiing to open Quickbooks ,Desktop Pro 2017 using right now ,Error 3371 Status code – 11118 ,I have the CD and license key I may try deleting a file –
C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8\EntitlementDataStore.ecmlEntitlementDataStore.ecml
thanks for your help It worked
I am good to go!
I deleted that file
and it remembered me during activation process

Answer :I am a contract bookkeeper with several versions of QB. I have loaded them all onto a new hard drive and was able to fix my newer versions by deleting the entitlementdatastore.ecml file. However, 2010 & 2012 still don’t work. The error message is 3371, status code11118. Can you help with this?

Answer :hi my quickbook will not open error 3371 and status code 11118 pops up , desktop pro 2017 using right now ,so we went and bought the new one
just me
two business set up on there

Answer :I don’t know if you can help. My computer crashed and I am trying to re install QB 2013 Pro from a disc. I have license, product code but it won’t install. Says Error 3371. It didn’t ask for my customer number or validation code.Still 2013 Pro. My other computer would have all the updates till when support stopped, but this computer needs to start over.

Answer : I can’t log into my quickbooks error code 3371 – does this mean I have lost all of my data in there?
i was hoping to finish this fiscal year thru May and buy the new version of quickbooks.
I’m reading to see if i can resolve this error myself , Using 2014 (an old one) using right now

quickbook error 3371 status code 11118, this is error on my quickbook ,i installed desktop premier 2018,its on just one pc but i have 2 user liesnce

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    i need help to syncing the quickbooks license , it’s not happening

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    Hi, I cannot use my quickbooks since I have to register it. However, I cannot register as it say “Quickbooks online registration process did not finish. Please try to register again. ” What should I do? Kindly assist. I am using windows 10. Thank you very much. Regards, Kath

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