QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002

QuickBooks Payroll Error 2002

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QuickBooks error code 2002 is an error that a user might face when creating a new data file in the Payroll. It happens due to multiple reasons, including common human mistakes like entering a wrong PIN. Let us look into the issue and how to resolve it at the user’s end.

For more help for fixing 2002, dial up the QuickBooks toll free for expert advice and assistance. Since some errors like 2002 reasons for their appearance may require experts’ help, it is advisable to call the QuickBooks® Support to get instant fixing of 2002 Error.

What Is Intuit QB Payroll Error code 2002 Mean

Troubleshooting QB Payroll Error 2002
Troubleshooting QB Payroll Error 2002

Often enough, users tend to add an account or data in the QuickBooks Payroll, say things such as addition of an employee or an extra information related to tax calculations and so on. During such times, the QuickBooks software asks for a PIN number as a security set-up to check if you are authorized to make the changes in the software.

Why Error 2002 QuickBooks Payroll Occurred

Error code 2002 appears when:

  1. Creating a data file, duplication or wrong information has been entered
  2. Multiple EIN or Employer Identification Numbers for one company file
  3. A wrong PIN is provided by mistake

Hence, the first and foremost thing to check for is if a wrong PIN has been entered and fix the issue immediately by entering the correct one. Check if your caps lock is ‘ON’ or you have not included any letter or number and re-type the PIN to resolve the error. However, if you have entered the right PIN and still are experiencing the issue, it is time to go for a proper and complete resolution. As an alternative, you can also call the Reconcile books tech help team for assistance on this matter.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 2002

If you have the error code 2002 on the system, try the following resolution:

  • Shut down the computer and re-login as an ADMINISTRATOR
  • Now, recheck your internet connection and download the ‘PAYROLLSUBINI.EXE’ and RUN it on the computer
  • Click on ‘REPAIR UTILITY’ and RUN it to check the problem in the Payroll.
  • Once done, look for the availability of any new Payroll Updates in the QuickBooks:
    1. Click on ‘EMPLOYEES’ and select ‘PAYROLL UPDATES’ tab.
    2. Here, you can check if there are any new updates available for the PAYROLL
    3. In case updates are available, download and update the software to rectify the error.

Close the program and restart the system to check if the error reoccurs. If you are not able to spot the issue, call our QuickBooks® Payroll Support Number to look into the problem. The 1-800-446-8848 tech support team is available 24/7 for guidance and help on any issues related to QuickBooks and related products. Call on .Call now .


I do need help with this error code #2002….is that something you can do? I am Using Enterprise Accountant 16 ,.I seem to have discovered my error


Yes. Help processing payroll. Getting error 2002. using QB Enterprise 18. with 12 user .Only our CFO runs payroll.


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When I tried to load payroll of previous company to see w2s , I am suddenly redirected to contact jhtml error code 2002, what is that , its payroll bug or something else

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