QuickBooks Payroll Error 20102

QuickBooks Payroll Direct Deposit Error 20102

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I feel happy to resolve 20102 error which usually faced by the user when he tried to activate direct deposit in QB payroll with the EIN which already exists in the Intuit account with the name of another user or company, So When user tries to add EIN which already exist might receive 20102 error codes due to duplicate EIN no, There is no direct way to fix it and user can’t resolve themselves. You have to call QuickBooks® Payroll Support Number Intuit QB Customer Support , or you can dial Toll Free number get help for fix 557 error code


My company management has decided to transfer all outsources payroll to in-house, previous company was also using QB payroll, during setting up direct deposit I am getting error 20102, Even I had consulted with my previous company they said all settings are correct even my EIN and service key also correct help me to fix it


Want to discover all about QuickBooks Erorr Code 20102 ,I am just recieving this error code while activating Direct Deposit


How to Fix QB Payroll Error Code 20102

You are using already activated direct deposit into your account, might be you already done it before or somebody else done before. There be a chance that you upgraded payroll to higher version which again asking to set up direct deposit. In your Enhanced Payroll navigate to get help from experts

After clicking Enchanced, Basic, Standard button > Go to Payroll > And check on Contact


I AM looking for urgent help for Quickbooks Payroll EWS. its payroll time and I am unable to process payroll can anybody help me to fix it


In some case if you are using discontinued QuickBooks version like 2015 and older one you will also receive a 20102 error.


How to Setup Direct Deposit Without 20102 Error

I am following step by step for setting up direct deposit which mentioned on Intuit website, So Why I am getting 20102 Error codes, Can anybody help How to set up direct deposit in QB payroll


20102 occures when you are registering for direct deposit for a company which is already registered with us, please have a look carefully ViewMyPaycheck, or Worker’s Compensation belongs to a different company id or account.

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