QuickBooks Reconciliation Disappeared

QuickBooks Bank Reconciliation Disappeared

When I tried to reconcile by account today I found some last months deposit entries are missing, I am sure I had reconciled last month correctly and everything was ok, But my previous month reconciled transactions not showing.

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Although there is straight forward and simple way to reconcile QuickBooks, but in case getting any problem during Reconciliation or some old transactions is missing than call QuickBooks Support Number To get help from QB experts . Call now to fix Reconciliation problem.

Why Previous Reconciliation Missing in QuickBooks

If previously QuickBooks reconciled transactions suddenly disappeared or is no longer available as reconciled or the transaction doesn’t appear in the reconciliation screen as you expected them to appear, then these may be the causes:

Old QuickBooks Reconciliation  Missing
Old QuickBooks Reconciliation Missing
  • QuickBooks accountant users make use of the Undo Reconcile tool. This eradicates the reconciliation of the most updated status of the transactions under a period of reconciliation as well as the equivalent reconciliation report.
  • The reconciled QuickBooks account was combined with another account. This, in fact, doesn’t eradicate the reconciliation status of the transactions under the period of reconciliation but eradicates the equivalent reconciliation report.
  • The transaction was posted to a separate account or has not been yet posted
  • The QuickBooks transaction has been already previously reconciled
  • There is an out of order link in the database that requires to be re-established

How To Fix Old Reconciliation Missing QuickBooks Problem

Solution I: Know the user who can undo a reconciliation
Note: Remember that only a QuickBooks Accountant user can undo reconciliation.

  1. Choose the Gear icon at the top left of the window.
  2. Choose Audit Log within Tools
  3. Choose the Filter drop-down menu available at the upper left.
  4. Mark Reconciliations Under Events
  5. Click Apply.

The Audit Log now demonstrates the history of all the modification to your reconciliation reports and with the user details.

Solution: Find the modification made to individual reconcile transactions

  1. Start the transaction.
  2. At the bottom, choose more and then click Audit history.

This demonstrates the history of all modification to your transactions, from beginning till date, along with modification to user information. Reconcile modification is demonstrated in the CLR column.

To benefit from top-notch QuickBooks support services for QuickBooks Reconciliation not show up, you can get expert support and instructions by chatting via Live Chat Support or contact QuickBooks Technical Support on toll-free Helpline number Also; you can send a mail at our official mail I easily accessible for 24×7.


Each month I am downloading my bank statement and manually reconcile by accounts, I remembered all transactions even deposit and withdrawal as well, I successfully reconcile last 2 months, but when I am going to reconcile this month I found some outstanding in my account, I manually checked I found that some old transitions are missing why this happen, can anybody help me


Just noticed that more than 110 transactions are missing which I had already reconciled last month, I found these entries in the ledger but unable to find into a register. Also in audit report no transaction is missing or deleted voting is ok, but when I am going to reconcile more than 110 transitions are missing so final balance goes wrong.


Due to some reason I had changed by the company bank account and changed all details, I don’t know, but it seems my old bank feed also deleted, now I have issue to reconcile because my old transactions are missing, even my accountant reconciles correctly and sent my report last month.


I can see clearly my old 5 deposits in QuickBooks, but not comes up in reconciliation report, Even I had checked my bank statement.

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